Kameron & Louis

Kameron Allen Westcott, known for her appearance on The Real Housewives of Dallas, has combined her love for canines and her passion for pink by creating SparkleDog Premium Dog Food. Louis Westcott, Kameron’s Yorkie, is the face of SparkleDog and the reason SparkleDog food was created. Kameron wanted Louis to have the finest of everything inside and out.

Kameron noticed that the dog food industry has overlooked the purchasing power of women. She has made it her mission to create packaging that would appeal to women using bold pink colors, a unique shape and easy to carry bag. Her pièces de résistance was adding pink heart shaped kibbles.

Kameron has continued her passion for animal welfare by convincing her husband Court to invest in the first company that is going to bring kill free meat to the world. Kameron truly believes with “Louis” by her side, she can make the world a better place by spreading pink and everything that sparkles.

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